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I bought myself a JDM Coupe. I am impressed.

I bought a 97' Honda Civic EK today and I honestly couldn't be happier. I always managed to stay away from JDM cars because of the high insurance costs and most are thrashed by their owners, but after selling two German made vehicles which .. had questionable reliability, I am so happy to have something so simple yet solid.
The Civic itself was rebuilt, resprayed and tuned by a well known Honda Specialist near where I live. Its engine is stock which is good but it has been worked over. All that has been done is a bodykit, suspension, interior work and some after market ... tenzo's ?? I think.
One annoyance I have is the headlamps. The HID's installed are far too bright and I know how frustrating it is to be in front of a bastard with bright HID's Illuminating your whole rear view mirror.
They will be changed as soon as possible. Other then that I am in love. It handles beautifully. Its not quick but it revs wonderfully. The exhaust has a lovely burble to it but Its not obnoxiously loud.
I have a JDM car. I don't know how to feel. I may need to cut my hair, put on trendy caps and put shocker stickers all over it.
Then I will fit in.


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