I bought some hilariously bad driving gloves

What can I say, I’m a sucker for driving gloves. Every few years I get it in my head they’d be awesome to own (they’re so-so) and buy a pair, having lost my previous pair sometime since the last time I wanted them.

ANYWAY, that said I ordered some last week and they came in today.

They were so bad.

They look like Chinese IP theft of a Home Depot house brand gardening glove. I have large hands and the mediums were slightly too big. I usually wear an XL glove. Despite the button closure, the gloves actually flare out at the wrist. While on, there is easily 3 inches of material excess.


I’m remarkably angry about this because otherwise they were pretty great. The fit was OK, they appeared to be made from real leather, thin although it may be, and I like the brown on black coloring. But... I mean look at them...


Free returns but shit... what a waste of time and energy.

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