Illustration for article titled I Bought Something! (Weekday Repost)
Illustration for article titled I Bought Something! (Weekday Repost)

Its a 1997, automatic, with 165k on the clock. It runs surprisingly well but needs a battery and some maintenance. The trans shudders sometimes, I’m hoping a service will take care of that. It needs shocks or swaybar endlinks or something cause it clunks a lot.


The interior is rough - faded, seats thrashed, shifter uas chunks of rubber coating missing. But the power things (window, sunroof, mirrors) all work. Actually, Im really excited, this is my 8th car, and its the first one with a sunroof.

The body is surprisingly straight for a DC car and the paint is pretty good. I think it will shine pretty nice with a good Svending. I do need to do something about the trim though.

I’m pretty excited about this and I got a fine deal on it. I got it from a coworker who wanted to get rid of it because she and her husband have 4 other cars - Impreza, Mini Cooper S, Mustang, and a DeLorean!

So there you have it Oppo, the newest member of the stable. Please, AMA.

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