It was a pretty sketchy fit, but i managed to get them in, and then out, without scratching anything! This was also the coolest Craigslist seller I've ever met.


Zoom out just a tad...

It wasnt the most pleasant ride home, but ill be darned, this prelude has more space than one might think.

Also, the seller was awesome. I pull up to his house, and from the cars in the driveway it was pretty blan. Nothing to write home about. We head into the garage, and lo and behold he has a yellow AP1 S2000 and a red S14 with an sr20 swap just chilling in the garage. Immediately i forget i was there for the seats and just started asking lots of questions!


One of his buddies shows up and start the s14 up, and revs it a few times. The turbo noises were awesome! And then he tells me he has another buddy coming over in an s13 coupe RHD conversion. Now this is just crazy. What are the odds the day i go to buy these seats im surrounded by drift missiles! This was my kind of Craigslist seller.


craigslist seller was home to a missile silo.