I may need to change my name to remove the “German” part since I just bought an old 4Runner. I go to pick it up in a few hours, I’m renting a truck and trailer from Uhaul to grab it since it’s been sitting for a few months and I prefer to go through things before driving, just in case.

I’ll post more pics and details later when I get it home. It has a few needs, but it’s in much better shape than any of the other old things I’ve dragged home in the past. Cliff notes version is it looks like the one above aside from the wheels, but isn’t that one, I’m dumb and didn’t take any pictures.


Completely stock 2001 4Runner with dealer service records. Body and interior amazing in the colors that I wanted, some frame rust with a patch on the passenger side by the muffler, the rest of the frame is good. Paid a fair price for it, didn’t steal it, didn’t overpay. Final judgement on how good or bad I did money wise is reserved for when I get it home on the lift. Preliminary from crawling under it, I did well.

Also, I realized this morning that in 26 years of being a licensed driver I’ve owned around 49 cars (I’d have to pull up the list I saved to get exact number), and other than my sister’s 91 Celica that I had for a couple months, I’ve never owned a Toyota product. I’ve always thought they were kinda blah (aside from the trucks) after the early 90s and have avoided them. Weird. I’ve owned just about all the other mainstream brands.

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