I bought that computer - cheaper than expected


It’s got an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T processor in it and is quite loud and puts out a lot of heat. The processor itself seems to be going for $150 on the used market, so I’ll probably yank it and resell it since it’s really no more powerful than the old i5-3470 in the HP Elite 8300 CMT I use as a Hackintosh. I really bought just it for the case, name brand 600W power supply and the Blu-Ray drive, and for those alone I thought it was worth the $50 asking price. However, the guy took out the wrong drive, leaving just a DVD-R, and because of this he refunded $20.

It’s got a licensed copy of Windows 10 and works fine, but I don’t really need yet another computer. I’ll probably drop in a CPU with a lower TDP (the 1090T has a massive 125W TDP whereas the i7-3770K in my main system is just 77W), put in a 3.5" drive in place of the 2.5" drive that I can use elsewhere, swap cases and keep it around as a spare system or one that I can give away. There are a few CPUs that will work with this motherboard that have a 20W TDP, but maybe something in the 45W range would make it a little more useful. I’ve got a pile of old AMD and Intel CPUs laying around, ranging from a 486SX to some late-model Xeons, so I can probably find something that’ll work. If not, I can probably find something on FleaBay for less than $10.

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