I Bought the Audi By Force.

Yes, so the beloved 2006 Audi A3 3.2 Quattro that we purchased about four years ago was finally sold...to me. How it was decided that the Audi was to become mine was not particularly a decision of my own, but rather caused by my mother’s purchase of a Jeep Wrangler.

Yep, a Jeep Wrangler. To be specific, it is a 2014 Rubicon Unlimited model that my mother fell in love with after coming by one afternoon to visit me at work, which resulted in her purchasing it approximately two hours later. I wasn’t expecting her to buy this brick-looking vehicle, but she finally had enough of her brown on brown 2010 Equinox and decided to pull the trigger.


Now, we all know that a Jeep and a Bentley Mulsanne are two very different vehicles, but this specific Rubicon is actually kind of, “nice.” The original owner must’ve been completely mad as they ordered this Wrangler with the dual roof package, leather seats, navigation, locking axles and disconnecting sway bar (might be standard on the JK Rubicon, I don’t remember), 31" off road tires, along with an aftermarket front soft top that replaces the two hard roof panels in favor of a small sunroof type apparatus. This sunroof is visible in the photo above and is reminiscent of a Miata’s convertible top when it comes to ease of use.

Like any other Jeep, it’s loud, uncomfortable, inefficient, sort of silly, and perfect in every single way.

Even though my mother purchased what I later discovered to be the lowest priced 2014 Wrangler Rubicon with leather and under 100,000 miles in the United States, very much in Hoovie-esque fashion, two sizable car payments was simply too much for her to handle. So, after a few discussions about cost it was decided: I’m going to get my first loan and purchase the Audi, which is something I have wanted to do for years.


Thankfully, working at the car dealership for a few months has taught me a couple of things about auto finance, and the finance people at the dealership were kind enough to give me advice on how not to go completely broke. Very kind of them. Plus, the agreed purchase price for the Audi was about $3,000 below market, so I would have been an idiot to let a vehicle that meant to much to me get away.


So, no, I really wasn’t forced to buy the Audi but rather I know I needed to or else it would’ve been traded in, sent to auction, bought by some shady buy-here/pay-here dealer, and then sold to some jackwagon who was going to instantly crash it. I couldn’t have let that happen. After all, this is a super rare car with even some of the most hardcore modern VW enthusiasts not knowing about it’s existence.

In the end, I’m happy as the Audi is staying in a good home, my mother finally got her mid-life crisis machine, and best of all I no longer have to drive the Maxima.


Oh, speaking of the Maxima, uhh, here it is? I’m pretty sure nobody cares but It’s A Car That Still Exists. Recently crossed 243,000 miles and it still runs somehow but I’m looking to offload it. Now that I have a car that I like, I see no reason to keep it around. Plus, money. It’s listed locally for $1,500 but if anybody on Oppo is local to the Raleigh area or wouldn’t mind traveling, I would happily sell it for $800 flat.

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