Hey Oppo,

SOOO I know I’ve made quite a few indecisive posts about what I am getting to replace the TDI but I finally made my decission...And bought the car ! I was going to wait but the deals on leftover 2016's were way to good to pass up. And same with the color.

So I drove just about every VW you can buy on Sunday and decided the best car is the 2016 Passat SEL. Then I get home and find one in blue, nearly the same blue as the mustang, about 75 miles from my house and at the best price for any SEL Passat in my area. I called them first thing Monday, worked out a price that was $9,000 below sticker, and went down to buy the car after work yesterday.

I drove two and a half hours in DC traffic to get the car but I had a nice drive home since I didn’t leave the dealer till about 10PM. So far the car has been great and I will report back soon with more about it. But What do you want to know about the 2016 Passat SEL ?



And as far as the TDI, The buy back is in about 5-6 weeks and I am just going to pocket the money and put it towards a down-payment for a house in the next year or two.