2005 Escalade, 155k, one owner.

It needs a couple of things, of which 2/3 will be handled by the dealer before I buy it: the blower motor for the HVAC isn’t working, and the passenger mirror is busted. The driver’s seat doesn’t move up or down, I’m on the hook to fix that but I’m not worried by it.


I’ve looked at a few of these for her, and this was the cleanest by a margin. The seats are in great shape, no rust on it, runs and drives great. Won’t get the gas mileage her ML350 gets, but she drives so little that she doesn’t care.

I feel pretty good about it. She’s always wanted an Escalade, and since she’s lived in RI with me, she’s had hand-me-down cars (a 2000 Chrysler Town & Country, then the 2003 ML350). I buy so many cars, it was a bit overdue for her to get one. Plus her sorority sister just got a white Mercedes, and their sorority colors and white and red, so they’ll be happy matching like that.


We pick it up later this week. Hopefully her ML350 sells tomorrow and makes it seamless, but we’ll grab it by Friday either way.