2 weeks ago I installed the Snow Performance meth injection kit and controller with boost gauge instructions, to a 12V switched on the column. Yesterday while driving my tach and speedometer both died, as well as the power to my HVAC and headlights.

  • Nothing works on the tach except the turn signal light. I can still use cruise control but the light doesnt function.
  • The speedometer shows my airbag warning light, but doesnt show that my speed sensors arent working. It shows milage, but its not counting anymore.
  • Headlights/foglights dont work except I can activate the high beams by holding the stalk.
  • I recently replaced the front 2 speed sensors, and the warning light went away for 3 days.
  • I checked every connection on the meth injection and have found no faults. I then disconnected power to the system.
  • I have checked every relevant fuse in the cab, and in the engine bay.
  • I have removed and cleaned the ignition switch.
  • When starting the car the tack will climb to 2,000 then drop back to 0. The speedometer doesnt not move from 0. None of the lights other than the airbag warning function at any time.
  • AFAIK everything else is functional.

Edit: 8/29/2017 Im a hardcore dumbass and all it was was a 5v fuse that I somehow didnt check in the first round of testing. Also this app happened and was fixed months and months before I made this edit.


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