I built a Porsche Cayman

I didn’t get the S, because I figured there were way better things to spend like $12k on than 50 hp. And I was right.

  • Miami blue
  • Leather interior, with graphite blue and chalk. Sport-tex seats
  • Mahogany wheel, accents, and shift knob
  • “718" badge. (Get’s rid of the “Cayman” and “S” if you have it)
  • LED headlights (Like two grand!)
  • Blacked out taillights (red clashes with the blue too much.)
  • Rear wiper, because functionality
  • Power folding mirrors
  • No performance options (So manual transmission!)
  • Yellow dials (bc wanna be Ferrari) and seat belts
  • Navigation and the $4k sound system
  • Porsche experience delivery option (get to drive on a track!)

Total price: $76,600

I also found out that the “delivery experience” is about $100 cheaper if you don’t get the “S”

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