I built a thing

Does Oppo like toggles?

A few alterations made the JEGS panel exactly what I wanted.


I am not confident in my wiring for this. The toggles only have two poles, so I wired the LED power to the toggle’s positive, and then I’ll go from that to whatever accessory that particular toggle will turn on. The fuse is between the other pole for the toggle, and 12v power. Oh and there’s a ground to take care of for each LED.


Does that ^^^ sound alright?

Okay... Questions. What’s the best way to deal with the grounds? There are six wires that need to be grounded, can I crimp ring terminals onto each of them, wrap all ring terminals on a nut and bolt and have one wire going from that to a ground source?


Also why do my crimps suck? A good 25% don’t work. Is my technique shitty? Are the cheap Amazon crimp connectors the problem? Bad wires...?

Lastly, what should these toggles control? So far for ideas I have

1) lights (fog)

2) lights (cornering)

3) power to air horn (I bought a fire truck horn)

4) low boost/high boost (eventually)

5) seat ventilation (future project idea)

And then there’s the starter button. I have no desire to actually use that as a starter. What could I use it for instead? Also I may try to get all accessory lights going to one switch.

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