I built some tones today

Since the Datsun is tucked away for the winter, I needed a project this weekend so I built a pedalboard out of an Ikea shelving unit.

There’s a few Youtube DIY’s using a Gorm, but the Gorm’s dun gone (discontinued) so I had to use an Henje instead. The hardest part was figuring out the legs and using triangle calculations to get the angle of the feet right.


Fit’s perfectly in a modified Pelican case with the hinge pins removed.

Painted it black with a can of old Tremclad flat black I had kicking around, added the insanely overpriced genuine Velcro and loaded it up. Added a Voodoo Labs power supply and it’s almost ready. The empty spot will have a Tuner when I pick one up.


So, for $15 bucks at Ikea and little time in the shop, you can take the $200 you saved from buying a Pedaltrane (don’t get me wrong, great products) and spend it on a good power supply like I did.

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