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I came close to selling it.... happy I didn't

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So when I bought the M37 truck my wife was a bit unhinged about me having four cars. She said oh you can have three, so I was thinking about it for a bit and then in my desire to maybe save some money and please her I put a Craigslist ad up to test the waters. Wow I got five people that day, a mechanic responded and said if it was as I said he would pay cash the next day. So I said we could meet. Well that night after I washed it I drove to pick up my wife at work, it was warm so I had the roof open, I really didn’t want to sell it, when I told my wife about how much they were worth she said it was better to keep it, women.... so I emailed the guy and deleted the ad.... what a day! The W123 is still here.


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