So I worked at Carmax during the summer of 2013. I'm in college and couldn't get an internship, but I could get a 'real' job selling cars at Carmax. I did pretty well there. What I didn't gain in experience and in money, I gained in stories. Here's a pretty good one.

I had a customer come in looking at a WRX STI. He was like 18 or 19 years old and came off as a douche (I was only 20 at the time, but the guy was pretty hard to relate to). He had me get his distastefully modded '02ish WRX in the mean time.

Per Carmax Policy, I had to drive the WRX STI off the lot, then we'd switch seats. I knew the kid was joyriding - mostly because a) he was 18 or 19 looking at a $36,000 Car b) it was like a Wednesday at 11am. I figure I'd let him go for it because it was a like a Wednesday at 11am (aka I'm bored shitless because nobody comes to Carmax on like a Wednesday at 11am).

While leaving the lot, he was paying a lot of attention to what I was doing, in terms of shifting and whatnot. He was saying that this thing probably has nothing on his WRX because of the exhaust he installed.

We reached the area where we switched seats. He got in the driver's seat (the car was in neutral), he removed the E-Brake, and put his foot on the pedal, then tried to throw it into first. The kid was fucking revving it and wondering why it wasn't going anywhere. He then tried to say it was broken.

I'll admit, I was a little slow, but I eventually realized this kid had no clue how to drive a stick. At the time, I had no clue they even ever made a WRX with a slushbox, which he evidently had.


I asked if he's ever driven a standard, and he said that he has (sort of in a douchey, condescending tone).

I was a little fed up with his doucheyness, so I replied by saying (keep in mind he's still trying to rev the thing to a start) "well you have to use the clutch".

He replied (I kid you not) "my old 'whip' didn't make you use the clutch". He then kept it running, and popped the hood (we're currently on the side of the road), trying to find issue with the clutch on the $36,000 nearly brand new WRX STI (because you'll find clutch problems in the engine bay).


I eventually said to him, "this doesn't seem like the car you're looking for".

We then turned around and I drove it back onto the lot. He angrily told me that the WRX STI we [attempted] to drive was 'wack' and that it should be parted off or sold for scrap.

So then I had to deliver his appraisal. I shit you not, his 2002 WRX had 11 previous owners, had been in 7 accidents (3 of which under him), and had odometer rollback.


Carmax offered him $2,000. He got pissed off, claiming he paid 35K for it, then left in a huff. I watched him leave - he reversed out of his spot, and slammed it into drive at like 10 mph.

That was the last I saw of him...



I have a fair amount of other stories from Carmax, including a super sexy real estate agent who took me on a 120mph test drive in a Cayenne while wearing 4 inch heals, selling a $60,000 car cash to sketchy Russians, being threatened by a customer's family member because of a finance rate, etc. The list goes on. Depending how this goes, there may be more!