The ICE car is doomed and I have unwittingly helped it along by encouraging my partner to get the i3!

Last night I used the i3 to do some errands, food shopping etc and was amazed by how utterly effortless it is, the instant, smooth and silent power delivery, the huge control the electric motor gives you when manoeuvring it in to parking spaces in busy car parks. How much fun it is to whiz away from traffic lights, leaving bemused ICE drivers in your wake, it really is the perfect city and suburbs car.

Got in to my Leon this morning to drive to work, backed out on to the road and selected D and........ erm what is this strange delay between me pressing the throttle and the car responding! Why does it make so much noise! Why do I not only have to take my foot off the throttle when approaching a junction but also have to move it the brake pedal as well! Why isn’t every press of the throttle met with an instantaneous change in the speed! Why when it needs refueling will I need to drive to a dirty petrol station and have to fork over £50, after standing for 5 minutes in the cold pumping a smelly, dirty and highly flammable liquid in to it, just plugging it when when I park on my drive is much easier!

These thoughts are all quickly dismissed by myself and fellow petrol heads due to the many, many positives ICE cars have to us, but to the general population who don’t love their cars and just see them as a way of getting from A2B, when they get wind of all this and as the range of BEV’s goes up and the prices come down, they won’t want ICE powered cars, and if they aren’t buying them anymore then the manufacturers aren’t going to keep making them just for the small minority who do still want them.  

Sorry, I’ve helped ruin it for all us!