Hello Oppo, Its been a while. Still enjoying the stay at home dad life while I collect funds from the government. I’ll have to get back to work soon but I’m in no particular hurry. I’ll probably get back at it in the summer sometime.

In the meantime here is what we’ve been up to.

My wife’s lease is almost up on her Escape and we decided not to keep it. We are hoping to transition her to full time stay at home mom status in the not so distant future and in order to do so we need to cut back financially.

We found this absolute peach of a 2002 Toyota Sienna with only 156,xxx kms (~98,000 miles). It is a one owner,99% Rust Free (Tiny rust spot on the rear hatch), Accident free, Clean Carproof van. It’s a little rough around the edges cosmetically but it will get the job done. And on top of that the van sits on brand new Goodyear winter tires.

The van even came with the stick family on the back.


We’ve had this van for a week and I’m totally converted. I’m a van man now. I can’t believe I hated vans before. I guess you need to try one out for size before you can come to the epiphany that it is the best thing ever.

I’m now HIGHLY considering trading in my Fusion in the fall for a Honda Odyssey.