but the wheels will not come off the car. All 5 bolts have been removed but the wheels won't budge!

I loosened the nuts a bit before lifting, then once off the ground I removed the lug nuts completely, but the unbolted wheel stays on the car!

I can't lift the car that much since it's already pretty high off the ground.

Do I need to lift it even more for the wheels to come off? My jack can only go so high! (I can jack the car so that the tires are about an inch off the ground, but once I release the car to let it rest on the stands, the stands can only keep the tires off the ground by half an inch. The stands can go higher but not the jack, even after putting a block of wood on the jack to get more lifting.

Or is there some other step to removing the wheels?

I am trying to replace the struts on a 96 Lexus ES300 (3rd-gen Camry)