Over the years, I designed quite a sizeable amount of cars (on paper that is). Today I was cleaning up my room, so naturally I rediscovered some of my old gems. Since I don’t really have any real use for them, I may as well show a selection of the better ones to you. Question is, do I make one huge post with all of them or do I make multiple small posts where I only present one design at a time, but with more in-depth background information?

But don’t expect anything outstanding. I am not a car designer. I have a very particular style of designing things, I am virtually incapable of drawing three-dimensionally, so all of them are from a profile viewpoint.


Have a Motorcycle I designed at some point as a sort of teaser. It’s called the VC1600 Streetfighter, it’s powered by a ~1600cc V-Twin with some 150ish hp yadda yadda torque. Granted if my design showcase should become a thing I will give you something better than some photos taken with a two year old smartphone.