I grilled out on Saturday, and yesterday my wife went to visit her mom, which she does periodically since her mom is disabled and needs the attention/help/company. I left some things out that irritated my wife when she got home just now. Oops.

My townhouse has a big shared driveway out back. I keep my grill in the garage and use it in the driveway.

I usually leave the grill out overnight to let the charcoal finish burning and take it in the next day. But I left it out again last night. I also left the grill tongs, spatula, etc. on my little side table, which I at least brought into the garage, but not inside to clean them.


So my wife gets home this afternoon and texts me...

Wife: Finally home. Better take grill in. Taking a long ass nap soon

Me: Iโ€™ll move the grill in tonight, you take your nap and relax

Wife: Grill tools, too. Sigh



Wife: Lol ๐Ÿ˜˜

You can thank me later*, fellow husbands of Oppo!

* Kinja user AtlasM makes no guarantees express or implied that this Sorry Puppy Meme will engender similar forgiveness in other wives regarding other things their husbands have done to irritate them. His experience successfully deploying this Sorry Puppy Meme is but one anecdotal example and may not represent the actual response of other wives to this Sorry Puppy Meme. Use at your own risk.