I Can See! I CAN SEE!!

My car had the sweetest lights in the beginning- but they got super weathered...

They finally got so dull, the other night I kept grabbing the switch because I thought the lights were off....


Did one of those treatments after work last night and HOLY S*%T!! I cannot believe the difference. It’s like night and day........

But, question for the Oppocorps:

I’ve got a spot on my rear bumper cover from when I backed into a post— it’s just a bit of some paint exchange... It’s exactly something for which you’d say “Oh, that’ll buff right out.”

So in the headlight kit, it’s got the various sandpapers, but also a rubbery foam pad disc that you use with water, and a final foam disc that you use with rubbing compound.


Can I use these to buff out that spot on my bumper??

(obviously not the the sandpapers)

Any beta from the Oppocloud?

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