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I can’t decide if the comments on the recent FP post about the new 911 Turbo are a sign of the times that have us all exhibiting symptoms of cabin fever or if it’s a true representation of Jalopnik’s peanut gallery as a whole.


I’m a Porschephile in my late 20s and certainly not in a position to wedge payments on a $200,000 Porsche into my monthly budget. I do not find myself, however, feeling compelled to spew venom about the fact that such a car does indeed cost $200k. I’m not always the jolliest guy on the block but I’m struggling to understand the insane amount of comments essentially asking why Jalopnik would even comment on such a gluttonous car built on the very foundation of excess.

I’d love to know everything about the new 911 Turbo. I don’t care about the silly nomenclature. I don’t care that armchair QBs deem it so quick to 60 that it renders the car’s performance “unusable” on the street.


I know it’s irresponsible to label a community based on an irreverent comment section but it’s become so exhausting to read. Perhaps I’m being too sensitive? In a time without the 4 major sports, I turn to the auto enthusiast community for some fun and positivity more than ever. That’s not what I’m finding on the FP as of late. A rather vanilla rant, I know, but Oppo’s been my car shoulder to lean on for the longest time despite my propensity to lurk rather than post.

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