I find myself looking at motorcycles a lot. There isn’t one that really fits my personality, though. I’m not a racer, and adventure bikes aren’t me. I also generally don’t care for the “Wasp-face” look that so many bikes have lately. Standards tend to be appealing, but seem like they’re a little small for my 6'3" 300-lb self. That leaves cruisers, but so many of them look like Harleys.

The only H-D I would consider is the V-Rod. It doesn’t have the standard HD look, and it doesn’t have the standard cruiser stance. From what I’ve read it’s a comfortable bike, too, but not the typical “Boomer-who-took-out-a-401(k)-Loan” malaise-era Oldsmobile on two-wheels that so many buy. The fact that it’s also water-cooled and can be relatively quiet means I wouldn’t have to keep the Harley look about me either.

And decent ones are in the $4500-6500 range because they’re not as desirable as the inferior air-cooled bikes.


Of course my wife would put the Kibosh on it.