I can tell you exactly why 1-800-mattress is going out of business

Yeah, strap in for this update to my previous posting:


So.... After refusing to accept a fucked up order, placed in good faith, and being basically insulted by the customer service person I dealt with, my next order went really smooth.

I spoke with Tom. I’m a Thomas but hey let’s be friends so I said, “I’m Tom a too. We’re off to a good start being able to remember who we’re talking to. Haw haw.”


I again order a cal-king mattress, box spring, and frame and even express how relieved I am to be on the phone with someone who has their shit together.

He laughs.

I laugh.

The truck pulls up, on schedule, they run the frame up and then the box spring and the truck driver asks me what size bed I ordered. He was assembling the frame. Fair question. The frame can handle a couple sizes.


Then he says that I ordered a king bed but with a cal-king frame according to his order. He’s confused by this.

🧐 “The fuck you say?” I am similarly confused.

The phone order I placed seems to have gone wrong. The sales guy put in the wrong thing.


“We should check the truck,” the guy says which seems fair. I follow the installers out and it turns out I’m all good. The bed is a cal-king after all. It was just a paperwork error. We’re cool! They bring it up. I slip the guy $20. Off they go. Stacy makes the bed. We get cozy in it.

Hours pass. The doorbell rings. The delivery driver is back asking to take the mattress in that photo out of our place to deliver to the correct customer. They have a king on the truck for me after all. They gave us someone else’s bed. They suggest I call tomorrow to see if there’s anything the firm can do but *I* ordered the wrong thing. Over the phone. With a sales person who put in the order and ran my card — over the phone. I, again, somehow am at fault.


I explained that I was not sleeping on the floor or accepting a king mattress with a box spring and frame of a very different size and I’m happy to pay the difference to have what I have, but no. Door closes.

Phone rings. It’s Mattress Firm asking for their mattress back. I ask if they are referring to the one I’m currently laying on. They say yes. I suggest the call the sales person and have them call me. They hang up.


I get another phone call. They say I need to give the mattress back. I asked what it is they do when they get a new mattress. Try it out right?


“So you’re saying it’s used?”

“If you delivered it to a customer now claiming it was new you’d certainly go to jail and face a massive civil suit. It’s still warm.”



So I got the wrong order twice from two different companies and the second one I had to explain “fucking has occurred” to some stranger in order to get them to stop pressuring me to return what was delivered in error after their sales staff failed at their job too.


I predict I’ll never get another follow up call and if one should occur they better be wearing nomex underwear and a helmet as the beating will be savage and unrelenting.

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