If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

I can't be the only one who thinks this about the Chevy SS...

I get it, it's exciting that Chevy is coming out with their first RWD, V8 powered sedan in 20 years or whatever. But they came out with the same car, more or less, 5 years ago. And they came out with a damn near similar car as well. 

The Pontiac G8 GT came out in 2008. It was based on the GM Zeta platform (same as the SS) and boasted a 360 HP 6.0L LS2. Ok, so not 415 hp, but it also came only in automatic, and today, can be had for mid 20s. Sure, they styling is slightly older, and maybe it doesn't have all the fancy Chevy MyTouch or whatever bits on the inside, but the idea is still there.


The GXP is even more similar. It had the same 415 hp LS3, same platform, AND it came with a 6-speed tremec. Sure, they're very rare (only 1800+ ever made) and even fewer have manuals, but with a (I'm hypothesizing) $40,000 price tag on the SS, wouldn't it be worth it to hunt around and pick up a GXP for around $30,000? 

I know, the argument can always be made for New is Always Better, and with the SS you'll get a new factory warranty, new technology, etc, but the main idea has already existed for 5 years. GM just happened to put a Pontiac badge on it.


That said, the new SS does look admittedly better than the GXP, but for my money, I'd take the GXP all day every day. 

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