I can't get behind this design.

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These two houses looked like they were designed over a series of emails and phone calls between four people who don’t know each other’s names.


It has two types roofing. It has the trendy wood paneling that’s all the rage in parts of Seattle and Eastside, but had the stone pillars of contemporary McMansions in Bothell. The garage doors were pulled from the boxy new homes in Issaquah highlands. All of the colors clash. It’s trying to look like too many thing at once. But all that stuff is just tacked on.

I don’t know. Of all the thousands upon thousands of new McMansions, townhomes, contemporary multipurpose dwelling whatevers I’ve seen and worked in around here, these were particular offensive because they seem so dishonest. Thankfully I was working in a wonderful little craftsman house up the street.

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