I played chicken at a mediation, and got one of the best deals I have gotten, and I did it by not participating. We forced the other parties to negotiate first, and refused to put any money on the table. After 6 hours, they had $250k on the table, and a mediator telling me it would not settle for less than $500K. They called our bluff. My client’s general counsel got nervous, and wanted to call the owner for more money over the $75k authority we had.

I wasn’t the one bluffing. It settled for $500K all right. But we only are paying $100k. That is a victory that I am now celebrating.

The strike that happened this morning settled, and the employer caved on a wage increase they ahould have given long ago. Ripples are running through the industry, and other companies will have to follow. I don’t care, my clients make more when the workers make more.


We had a lot of down time today, and were getting real time updates on our phones. The story is a good one.

Wages at that plant were too low. Entry level employees were making less than minimum wage after union dues were taken from their wages.


The workers went to their union first, who told them they had to wait a year for the end of their contract. From what I understand, the workers were like, “fuck that noise, do your fucking job.” The workers walked.

They have a no-strike clause in the contract; they can all be fired, and 10 years ago they would have been. But we are in the midst of a deep labor shortage, and there is no one to replace them. They knew it.


Whether you are a progressive or a conservative, you have to enjoy this. Labor acted collectively, on their own, and flexed the muscle that value in the free market gives them. Good for them, and shame on that union for their lack of guts.