I was going to link the article, but they have a nasty paywall (despite being a free site, huh)

Anyway, if you’re American, this story might ring a bell. Except that we do have third, fourth and fifth place candidates worth talking about:

A far out candidate promoting ultranationalism that hates our best allies. A candidate that seems to float any ideas that make him more popular despite being contradictory and/or impossible or infinitely impractical. A compulsive liar pseudo-populist that feeds off the energy of the forgotten men and women of this country, calling themselves the silent majority despite really being the reckless minority.

Mases that the establishment hath forgotten in the golden era of insider politics, crime and rising inequality. But much like an elephant, these masses neither forgive nor forget and do not budge nor listen.

However as crazy as this candidate is, exaggerated feelings about the future run amok: fear seems to be the real common denominator here, a president unlike any beforehand.

The most senior of all presidents to date, with even worries of signs that he might be senile. But who can blame him for what he says? after all, he was born of a different age that many seem to be nostalgic about.


To compete against this trojan horse of dubious partisanship, The Establishment brought out one of their finest soldiers.

Bipartisan, check.

Highly educated, check.

Very experienced, check.

Hated for dubious reasons beyond his control ....



But are these reasons as dubious? Will Meade be able to beat the Trojan Horse? Can we let our society split off into these hyperpartisan groups?


Can steady (if underwhelming) process be trusted or do we need a shakedown?

Only time, and possibly ballots, will tell.