A few days ago, while waiting for my dad after school, I got to witness the many students at my school leave in their cars. One car I’ve noticed since the beginning of the school year was a Deep Impact Blue Mustang S197 that was nicely modified (above pic not of the modded car). The following rant is about said Mustang.

So I’m sitting on a hill, waiting, when I see the owner walk to his Mustang. He gets in, and starts it up. Now before I start, let me tell you that this guy had committed a crime: he put antlers and the red nose on his car.

Pictured: a nice car ruined by not-so-nice accessories.

I was already starting my internal hate train when the owner got in his Mustang. Then, he proceeded to do something so idiotic it led to the title of this post. He revved it sky-high on a cold start. And that’s when I also found out that his Stang was a V6. After touting about his car so heavily on social media I would have thought he was packing a Coyote. But no matter.


Now here comes the third part of idiocy. In a parking lot with a ton of high-schoolers walking through it, you HAVE to go slowly. But no. He decided to gun out of the parking lot, which is pretty funny because he got stuck in soccer mom traffic.

And I guess simply because he wanted to show off, he kept revving in traffic. Which got pretty annoying.


Anyway, that’s my rant over. Here’s a nice S550.