I can't even right now

One of my guys rolled his Tahoe. How? By parking in the same spot he’s parked in for the past four years for work, but like, really, REALLY badly. He now needs an offroad extraction according to the first tow company I called (they refused).

Here’s what I saw when I pulled in to work today. I legitimately thought he’d been hit by a big truck and gotten pushed. Nope. That’s how he parked. For reference, myself and all of my other employees park completely on pavement. Notice the Tahoe, completely off pavement.


When asked if he was in a collision, he said “I just slipped a little, I’ll be fine”.

No. No you won’t be but we have a big day so moving forward....

We finish up our day, get back and I tell him to call a tow company. Instead he attempts to drive out—swaying dangerously, right two wheels now in the stream—and gets stuck even worse. That’s what you see in the header picture. I refuse to try to pull him out because I try not to respond to DUMB with more DUMB, so he tries again.


And rolls the Tahoe.

I need a drink

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