They confuse me. They call 2 cars, 3 if you really want to count the Voyager as separate model. Who buy’s them, & why not sell Pacifica under 1 name rather then 2. Seems like a waste of money for little return.

The Pacifica
The Voyager

On that, the Voyager (rides on the new platform) starts at the same price of Dodge Grand Caravan (the old platform). Why not slap some Dodge badges on the Voyager & kill that old platform. The avg buyer for the Grand Caravan will not care, as long as the badge says “Grand Caravan”. If the price is the same they would not care.

I’m happy the 300 still exsists, it’s V8 RWD & looks really good. I just can’t figure out the rest of Chrysler.

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