Currently for wheels I have a set of 2.5rs stocks (205/55/r16 16lbs each) with winter tires and some stock legacy snowflakes (205/55/r16 20 lbs each)with my summer/all seasons on my wrx. The snowflakes have one wheel that leaks somewhere around the rim to where I need fill it with air at least once a week and another that I have to fill every other week. I’m sick of it and need to do something about it. The way I see it I can either:

1) take the wheels in to be fixed for some unknown amount of money

2) buy a set of stock wrx wheels (205/55/r16 16.5lbs)for about $300 with tires on them locally

3) go for some optional factory wheels like the 02-04 BBS wheels that are 215/34/r17 and 15lbs. or something like these