Time for my next rant, this time it is about DRL and the use of headlights and taillights. This is one of the worst governmental mandates on vehicles since the beginning of time and this is why. Most motorists assume that their headlights are on because they see some visible light in front of their vehicle and because the gauge cluster also illuminates. This does not mean your headlights are on! Even if your vehicle uses your headlights for DRL, your headlights operate at reduced power level and guess what, your taillights ARE NOT ON!!

The next are people who don't have DRL and just assume their is sufficient lighting around that allow them to see what is in front of them. These people are just as bad. First, you really can't see as well you think or should without headlights and just relying on ambient light from other sources. Next, the more important aspect is people can't see you as well as they should be able to.

Last night we had some storms here in PA, heavy rain and visibility was severely reduced. I was driving along the highway and all of a sudden I notice I am closing on a car that I did not see right away, and I am a very astute driver. The car was black, in the evening, in heavy rain utilizing only DRL. I tried to signal the driver about this but to no avail, instead they slowed, moved behind me and turned their high beams on.

This is not the first time I have seen this type of situation, please people use your headlights at night to ensure your tail lights are on, this is for both your and others safety. Headlights and taillights are actually another useful car part, like turn signals.

Hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend and stays safe....'Merica!