I rented the Home depot van last January and ever since I’ve been lusting getting a big van of my own and turning it into a Motovan/Weekend Camper

My wife if fully onboard the idea but I just can’t picture myself driving something with shitty gas mileage as my daily driver. A Mercedes Sprinter with the 2.1L 4cyl would be ideal but I’d be looking at almost $45K to get what I want since in Canada we don’t get the Worker model you guys get for $32K. I’d be driving this daily to work and back, 40 miles a day, so fuel economy is definitely a concern.

I’d likely be looking at a Ford Transit medium roof LWB 3.7L V6 just like this one. I know what you’re thinking “just get the 3.2L Powerstroke if you are worried about fuel economy” but in Canada that is a $5,000 option and pushes the price right into the Sprinter territory. My wife and I are ready to spend in the low $30's but not quite ready to spend in the mid $40's.

So I guess it’s either decent fuel economy or decent price. Doesn’t look like I can get both.


I’ve looked for used vans and surprisingly they are just as much if not more expensive than a brand new one.