Fuck you, Lawrence Welk. Joke is on you.

“Even in the tranquility of hindsight, Mike Brewer cannot hide a stunned shudder of stupefaction at the epic contradictions that befell him and partner Tom Shipley in the immediate aftermath of the release of their signature single “One Toke Over The Line” in 1971. Returning from a mini-vacation in the Florida Everglades, they discovered that “the Vice President, Spiro T. Agnew, had named us personally as subversive to American youth,” Mike recalls. “At exactly the same time, Lawrence Welk performed “One Toke Over The Line”, on his TV show, introducing it as a gospel song.” ~ Bruce Pollock


Spiro T. Agnew labeled
“One Toke” subversive

Ah-one toke, and Ah-twoThe Lawrence Welk Show (1951 -1982) was America’s wholesome musical variety show. In the ‘70s, the show tried to broaden its appeal by including current pop songs, country music, and religious music. On one such show in early 1971, the Welk Show actually covered Brewer & Shipley’s recently banned hit song. Accordionist Myron Floren introduced it as “one of the newer songs” as Welk singers Gail Farrell & Dick Dale launched into their wholesome rendition of “One Toke Over The Line”. At the close of the songLawrence Welk looked on approvingly and said “And there you heard a modern spiritual by Gail & Dale.”

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