So a friend linked me a for sale post on Facebook (warning flag #1) of 18' HFP wheels for sale. The ad is for 18x7 HFP wheels with tires for $350, the catch is one wheel is ‘slightly bent’. Okay, I message the guy anyway cause even for $350 that’s a steal and I have a guy who can fix wheels for cheapish. His reply is “one wheel has a small crack.” Hm...that’s not a ‘slight bend’ (warning flag #2). It’s okay though, I message him and ask for a picture of this ‘small crack’ so I can get an idea of what he’s really talking about.

His response? “Im not sure which one it is tbh now that they’ve been off the car for 2 months.”

I really want the wheels, but he’s over an hour away from me and I’m not about to drive down to find out this ‘small crack’ could be the size of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. I can’t with people....

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