Warning, rant time. Have an adventure-ready show Cube for your time.

Driving on one highway today behind some work van,the driver keeps hitting his brakes every couple of seconds. I need to get to the right and merge onto another highway anyway, so I get over and start passing (I know undertaking isn't safe but neither is doing 35 on a 50 and hitting your brakes for no reason). Van driver just starts moving to the right, no blinker. I honk and he moves back to the left, then swerves onto the merge lane suddenly, putting me onto the shoulder and almost ending my time with the Cube. We drove around the onramp (it's a long elevating circle) with him swerving left and right as though he was drunk. There was a sentra behind me that tried to use the shoulder to get around but stopped when he got right next to me. We all merge onto the GSP and I get over to the middle lane ASAP. Looked back and saw the van go from the slow land to the middle lane and get right behind me. Moved over again and gunned it but so did he. We're probably going 85 now, speed limit is about 55. Cop is in a cop spot. I hope he sees us, I never wanted a cop to see me speeding as bad as I did now because I have no idea what this van guy is up to. He's close enough that I can barely see the top his headlights in the rearview mirror. Looked back again to see the cop pulling out, lights on. He's either after me or the van, I don't care who as it'll be the end of this little chase. Van driver starts getting to the right with no blinker and the police followed him, fortunately.