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I cheated at parking.

So I had gone on a beer run to get a 24-pack of Coors for the party last night, also picked up hotdogs and buns for cooking at the barbecue. Came back to the park, found that it had gotten even fuller. No parking available. However, there was space between the vehicles and the curb in the trailer parking area, and a 20-foot section of lawn separating that parking lot from the road I was on. I think you can guess what I did next.

I didn’t take pictures, but here’s an idea of what the parking lot was like, courtesy of Google Maps’ sat-view.


See that space next to that red car? That was where I’d parked. To get there, I had to hop the curb with Killer Queen from the adjacent road, which I did gently. Seattle PD was everywhere, and they didn’t bat an eye at this maneuver.

Soon after, a Jeep followed suit. Heh.

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