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I chose my new gym for convenience, but...

My new house in the DC suburbs is right off a main drag called Rockville Pike. Basically every type of store, and restaurant from every culture, is on Rockville Pike. So is my gym.

Since I now live 3 miles from my parents, the closest gym to my house is also the gym where my mom goes. There’s a fancy schmancy really expensive gym closer to their house but she doesn’t mess with that place. So even though I run the risk of my mom occasionally surprising me in the middle of bench pressing, I signed up at the same gym as her.


It’s in a shopping center on Rockville Pike with a whole bunch of restaurants. For my rabbit food eating self, there’s a Chipotle and a Halal Guys. There’s also a fancy ginseng and bubble tea place. There’s a BBQ place, a Habit Burger, a Dunkin Donuts, a Japanese place, a frozen yogurt place, and maybe something else I’m forgetting. Just in this one strip mall on Rockville Pike.

So....last night, after my workout, we didn’t really have meals prepped at home. I was like, hmm do I want a tofu burrito at Chipotle or falafel from Halal Guys? And I got the falafel. And it was good. Very good. And I can get it any time I go to the gym.

Maybe I should’ve picked a less convenient gym.

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