No big deal, right? Looks like any dirty car on a shady used car lot, you might be thinking. WRONG.

When my wife says she isn’t passionate about cars, she means that in the most extreme way. All I have for you is the after pics of the interior, because the before ones are NSFL. Cheese on the floor mat. Moist cashews that had permanently mated with the carpet. Garbage in every available crevice. Makeup, dog toys, receipts, change, everywhere. She was doing a really good job when she first got the car. But an increased workload, new puppy, an other factors have reverted her to living out of car like the old days. And yesterday’s road trip just made the car look like a hurricane had passed through.


I feel guilt when I leave an empty water bottle in my car. My wife cares more about “people” and “faaaamily” than inanimate objects. Probably why I’m so drawn to her, being the complete opposite and all :)

I had also replaced her rear wiper blade and reconnected the wire to her blinker that had rattled loose. Did you know the instructions for replacing the front driver’s side blinker bulb require you to remove the battery? I said “fuck that” and did it anyway, but yeah there’s like no access over there, pain in the ass.

She expressed her gratitude of my collective efforts, and I simply requested that at the very least, for the love of Jesus, keep the food of the seats and the ground. I can handle the rest.


Anyway back to the trip. We killed so many damn bugs, you could barely see out the windshield. Here are some photos of what the bumper looked like before I washed it:


We also hit something so big, it’s guts-print on the windshield was larger than a 50-cent piece.