Since I am on work travel in the middle of nowhere Florida, I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night but go on Amazon and find a random movie to watch. I picked out Death Wish starring Bruce Willis. I generally make it a habit to never look up reviews on a movie because clearly the critics and other moviegoers dont ever tend to agree with me. I thought this movie was great and I enjoyed the heck out of it. I was hoping Detective Hank Schrader would be more in this movie but either way, I still enjoyed it. While there are probably issues with the movie, it doesnt really matter since it was enjoyable. Anything that is enjoyable is a good movie as far as I am concerned. Anyone else have poor taste in movies?


In other news my rental car for the trip is a Nissan Sentra. This was a free “upgrade” that I was given. I guess it is actually an upgrade versus a Spark, Versa, or others like that. I think all nissans are hideous but aside from that problem, it gets out of its own way (with the fury of 100 lawnmowers in that CVT) and is entertaining enough to chuck around roundabouts so far. Plus it has AC and bluetooth. Sunday is my first day off so I will drive it a bit more and go to the beach and explore a bit around here.

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