He lied to himself, as he gazed across the stereo components strewn across the bed...

Na, I’m figuring it out. I decided to try laying everything out more-or-less how it would be arranged in car. That was a good call, as I’m very much a hands-on learner.

So... Component speakers are each hooked up to crossovers, which in turn will hook into the amp’s left and right channels with wire nuts (or however, don’t kill me). The mid range will be replacing my stock door speakers, the tweeters... I haven’t quite decided where to put yet.


The sub will be bridged, taking up the last 2 channels of the amp. It’s in a custom, sealed box that fits in the passenger footwell, and is practically invisible. Guy who made it is an audio wizard who happens to also love Miatas. The only speaker wire I had laying around was 12 gauge... That seems like overkill for what will end up being a 3ft strand at most. Can too thick of a wire cause any kind of issue?

The amp will be mounted in the passenger airbag’s old spot. Should make routing wires a breeze, and keep almost every part of the stereo system from intruding on dwindling interior space.


The head unit.... That’s the only thing worries me. There’s sooooo much going on, and it’s a bit intimidating haha. Since I’m not using its internal amplifier, I THINK I can just remove the speaker harness in the back, and connect it to the amp via line outs. Or something. I don’t know. Sirius radio I don’t care about. Power antenna... Don’t really care about. I’d remove the antenna entirely if I was willing to pay for the hole to be covered/painted. External mic... Don’t really care about either, but it’s completely setup out of the box so might as well use it. That just leaves the mechanical “getting the damn thing to fit in my not-DIN-dash” and the harness with all the scary power inputs/outputs. Whew. I can do this.

Any audio tips will be accepted graciously!