I configured an expensive TourX because reasons

I’m pretty interested in seeing one on the road at some point.

I think it looks a little better than a Golf Alltrack (for the record I actually like the Alltrack). The Tourx also has more power but it weighs like 4300 lbs. That’s 600 more than 2005 XC70 for some reference of bigly “oh it’s totally a crossover guys” wagons. Which makes sense, as new cars are saddled with features you never knew you needed until the manufacturer told you so.

On the flip side, it kicks the V90's butt in cargo capacity... so long as you don’t acknowledge how beautiful the V90 is, it’s a win. But the TourX ain’t too shabby.


Anyway, I went with red paint, and the AWD Essence trim with a bunch of extras.

Oh know you all know my zip code now
Don’t know how I feel about this color... I guess I’m forced to choose black.

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