The dish is called 'musaca'.

its more or less the romainain take on the Shepards pie.

A layer of mashed potatos, followed by some stuffing, another layer or potatos, and then ketchup on top.

how I made it:


ground beef
1 egg
1/2 an onion
vegetable oil
salt, pepper, sugar, spices to taste

Mashed potatoes:
-take 5 medium potatos
-boil for 15 minutes
-drain water
-add some milk and butter and proceed to mash.

-chop onion to tiny peices. toss in a pot with a BIT of oil
-bring to med-high heat. add salt, sugar, pepper and spices
-caramelize the onions
-after onions are done, add the ground beef.
-mix and add spices to flavour the meat as you wish
-once everything is a nice, brown color, remove from heat
-after it has cooled down a bit, crack the egg into the meat and stir. this is to help it stay together (and not just crumble apart) when you are eating it


I lined a pan with aluminum foil to make it easier to clean

-put down a layer of mashed potatoes.
-put in the meat. make sure everything is nice and level
-last (second) layer of potatoes.
-add some ketchup and spread it.
- heat oven to 400 degrees F.
-bake for about 35 minutes

annd your done! this whole thing took me about 1.5 hours from start to finish. cant wait to dig into it