So I found a way to save 50 bucks a month on our car insurance for your Daily Drivers.

I bought a house in a new, nice neighborhood.

I had no idea I was getting hit with a "shitty neighborhood" tax from state farm until I got the reduced rate notice effective of the day I started the new house policy.

So if you look at it only form the perspective of the new home purchase in comparison to savings of auto insurance I just spent 200k to save 50 bucks a month. (FYI that's a lot of money for a house in Michigan. That gets you 4 beds, 2000 sq feet, a 2 car (ish) garage and over 1/4 of an acre.)

Thanks state farm!

And this is the Montego nestled into it's new home! (which also had a rate drop from State Farm, yes they insure the Montego and it's a hell of a price for it)