I probably shouldn’t have but I started thinking last night. I’m helping someone find their “dream car” and I was telling them that I have no right to judge someone for spending a little more than they should for a car they really want. Some quick mental math had me confessing that I had probably spent more than $40k on cars in my short 25 years.


When I got home I pulled out my pen and paper and pulled up the two parts suppliers I had purchased almost all my parts from.

The criteria was this -

  • Purchase price of the car
  • Price of all modifications
  • Maintenance/accident repairs NOT included (unless, I suppose you repaired it out of pocket)
  • Insurance and fuel not included

I remembered the few parts I didn’t purchase from these two Mustang suppliers. I have owned 2 S197 Mustang GT’s and the GTO is perfect so the only thing I have purchased is a simple front splitter.


So, I’ll cut to the number that matters -



Holeee fuck.

And I probably forgot some things that would push it to a nice round number. $45k. More if you wanted to consider maintenance ($3k transmissions) In my few years of car ownership I spent nigh $45 thousand dollars. At the same time, I justified it as I always do - I don’t drink drugs, I don’t get arrested, I don’t get caught speeding very often. My one vice is cars and the accompanying parts and modifications. I’m sure a lot of you guys have spent more but in the 5 years I’ve been buying my own vehicles (I don’t count hand-me-downs) I’ve wasted no time.


However, I realized I did it wrong this morning in the shower.
I was adding up the total purchase price of each vehicle whereas I actually had the first 2 cars almost totally paid off before I was done with them. So I’ve revised my figures to consider down-payments which amount to basically all the money from insurance that I rolled over into another car. I added whatever extra I borrowed to purchase the next vehicle. All told I’ve come to $5,430.17 in parts and $21,000 in cars.


Ahhh, that’s better. I’m just a few months away from having a nice $1000 dollars per year of life.


I’m not at all unhappy with this figure. These last two incidents I have learned SO much about insurance companies and how they work that once I’m done with the repairs I’ll write a post about how I managed to not lose money totalling a vehicle and getting it repaired and re-insured without having a total loss reported.

Any Opponaughts want to dive into madness and try to total up your sordid financial past regarding cars?