I could use Oppo's hivemind (Personal Post).

Buffer Image... sort of.

Yeah, she drives one of these.

I want to see what is the Oppopinion on this.

So I met up with a girl from work. Initially we were co-workers and not quite, since she is technically with a different company my company hired for consulting, but we were on the same project. Started hanging out a few times for coffee, snacks, went to a fair together, and invited her and her friends over for a dinner party and board games over the long weekend. For the heck of it I also baked her cookies for her birthday since she complimented them in the past.


A week ago I saw a movie releasing and ask if she wanted to watch it. She expressed interest so I suggested grabbing dinner at a place she said she wanted to try, and then watch the movie. Started planning it, getting tickets and confirmed plans with her.

...and then she asked me if it was a date. Admittedly I do have feelings for her and after some pushing from my friends, I answered yes.

This was last night. She started off saying she’s traditional and likes it classy, and then reminded me to dress well, so I followed the instructions. Got her a flower, went for the dinner and movie. Being my usual self of not knowing how to talk to people most of the time unless it’s about work/cars/computer stuff, there was a lot of dead air and silence, during dinner, walking to get the car and such. In the past she also pointed out I was quiet as well.

After the movie, I took her home, but on the way she was looking at the moon and said she wanted to look at it closer, and told me to go to a nearby park. Walked down a trail and looked at the stars for a bit, she once again pointed out the silence was awkward and made it feel like I wasn’t interested in her, and then we head back. Dropped her off, and I went home. When I got home, she dropped me a note thanking me for the flower, and sent a pic of the flower in a vase. Today she’s still messaging me and stuff, and asked me to install the phone game she has been playing.


I’m not sure what to make out of this whole situation... I’m extremely inexperienced with this.

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