And it certainly doesn’t help that I bought one of the most customizable cars on the market!

So far I love it. I managed to score these Wrangler Moab Edition Wheels for a decent price on CL. I could only go so long on these lame all-seasons it came with, and I figure if I get them off soon enough, I can pretty much market them as new on CL.

The only problem is that I have to pick them up in two trips...I had no clue how little the 2-door JK is until I bought it. I get the rest of them today.

What’s happening soon:
1. 20% Tint (appointment scheduled for today)
2. Rocker Panels/side steps (ordered on eBay - I’m getting the ones from a Wrangler Hard Rock)
3. OEM Black Gas Tank Door (ordered)
4. K&N Air Filter (ordered)
5. Thule Roof Rack for my skis (ordered)

Then I’m going to try to wait a few months before doing much more, otherwise, but I’m probably going to address the sound system soon because it sucks...then move on to suspension and a new lighting system.


On a separate note, I’m pretty impressed with my aftermarket heated seat integration!