My neighbor a few doors down left his keys in the mailbox today (suburban neighborhood, central mailbox thingy for all houses on this street). So I walked the keys down to his house and asked him about the car in his garage. He was happy to oblige.

Representative image of car, looks just like this one, except for redline tires instead of whitewalls.

I had already knew it was a 60s Corvette, the silhouette was undeniable. He has a framed picture of his ‘82 on the wall as well, a car he no longer owns as he thinned his collection to the one remaining Corvette, a 1967 427 in Marlboro maroon, numbers matching, full history (he seemed especially proud on the tank sticker, whatever that is). Everything on the car is immaculate, there isn’t an unoriginal part on it. It currently has 44k miles on it. He hasn’t driven it since 1985, he’s too scared to drive it anywhere and leave it parked. He and his wife of 58 years used to do shows back in the 70s/80s. Every document that can exist for this car, he has. It was really cool to flip through the binder that he has.

He’s really proud of his car. Being a few decades younger, if it was mine, I would drive it. He likes that I drive the Cougar around, and when my wife mentioned selling it, both he and his wife said that we can’t sell that car, it’s too cool. Ha. At any rate, it was nice to chat cars this evening, and he enjoyed sharing just as much as I enjoyed listening.