Anyone ever heard of the racing sim Live For Speed? Well, I’ve gotten into making skins for the cars and I dare say this Jaguar R1 inspired one for the game’s “Formula V8” car is my best work yet. Anyone who wants to try to get into doing this themselves should click inside for more info.

The skins are just jpegs like above, so as long as you know your way around image editing software you can make them and drop them into the game’s skins directory and use them in-game. You can download skin templates here, they come as multi-layered .psds with each body panel on its own layer as well as a handy wireframe overlay that’s great for aligning your work.

There’s even a stand-alone car viewer (pictured at top) so you don’t need to load up the game every time you want to see updates for your skin-in-progress. Click here and look for “CMX Viewer” to download. Just select your car and then a skin from a displayed list of whatever’s in the viewer’s skins folder and you can inspect your work freely. When you make your skins don’t change the three letters and underscore at the beginning of the filename as this is what tells LFS what car to apply it to.


If you pay for the full version of the game you get a great selection of cars, it’s got pretty much everything except for prototype-style ones, and you can easily make skins for all of them.


I decided this one looked like a Calibra or Astra so I made an Opel livery for it.

To use your skins in online play you need to have an LFS account and then go to where you can upload your skins to their databases.


The game is great as well. The tracks are all fictional, but they are awesome, on par with or better than the best of the fictional tracks from Gran Turismo and Forza. The free online multiplayer has largely been taken over by “Drifterz” but there are still a few good race servers out there.